July 26, 2009

Saturday night and I ain't got nobody

Last night the wife and I went to visit our very good friends for the first time in a few months. We had a great time. We ate some pizza, drank a few beers and played some cards.

While we were enjoying almost perfect weather on the deck, my pal and I smoked some first rate stogies I had scored. They were El Rey del Mundos and they were a sweet smoke. That is a picture over there on the left. These cigars have a funky trumpet shape. If you are looking for a nice medium-bodied smoke you cannot go wrong with this guy.

Later in the evening we were playing Euchre. I was on a run of impossibly good cards all night. I will admit I have played a lot of Euchre in my day. It would be a fair criticism to say I majored in Euchre and beer in college. Last night something happened that I have never seen.

I was dealing and turned up the 9 of diamonds. In my hand were both red jacks, the ace, queen, and ten of diamonds. I picked up the nine, turned it over and laid down my loner for four sweet points. I have had lay-down loners on occasion, but never has the hole card been lower than all the trumps in my hand. If you do not play Euchre none of this makes sense, but it is like getting a royal flush in poker, only better. I will editorialize state raw facts and point out that if you do not play Euchre your life is incomplete and you might just be lacking. Let me try to explain it this way; Sammy probably does not know how to play Euchre.

This might make up for the entire evening of lousy cards I had last week when we filled in at a regular Euchre club.

Posting may be light this week, beaucoup work and travel is in store.

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