July 23, 2009

These people are teaching economics and business

The Union is furious that Indiana University is giving $500 bonuses to some of its employees. source As the University has increased tuition to students by a whopping 4.6 percent (5.6 for out-of-state tuition) with an additional increase of 4.8% (5.8% for out-of state) in 2010, I wonder how they are paying bonuses at all. Tuition rates for law and grad students are even higher. The Union is pissed that the University is not giving raises to all employees.

IU is supposed to have a great Business School.

In addition to a faculty salary freeze, the University will implement a 50 percent reduction in travel funds and restrictions on nonacademic hiring.

However, the University plans to hire an additional 129 faculty members, 61 working for IU-Bloomington with the other 68 distributed among IU’s seven other campuses.

The school plans to invest $200 million in infrastructure in the next several years.

These people are training our future economists and business leaders.

We are truly screwed.

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