July 9, 2009


Good morning bloggedy world. I woke up around 5:00 am this morning. I put up a valiant effort but I could not get back to sleep. I am now in what you might describe as a bad mood. I have coffee dripping, maybe that will help. It is payday. Too bad the check is already spent. I bet you have months like that -- too many days, too little check.

Did I mention I am getting a new boss? He is supposed to start next week. He has already left me a voice mail. He wants me to call him to discuss several things. He sounds like a real go-getter. I do not need that right now. I have dealt with the micromanagers in the past and I have neither the desire nor patience to go through that again. I really hope we are not going down that road. I have to say I am somewhat uneasy about a guy who wants reports and such a week before he officially joins the payroll.

I am hungry this morning. That is because I ate something shortly before I went to bed. It always works that way with me. I had a bowl of snap crackle and pop around 10:00. Now my belly growls for more food. I usually skip breakfast, but I may have to have some toast or something later. It all started when I when down to the hotel breakfast bar yesterday morning. They had biscuits and gravy and I could not resist. Now my eating cycle is all messed up.

I am not sure if you have seen it on the news, but Michael Jackson has died. I cannot believe it is not getting more coverage. Last night at supper the wife, boy and I got into a discussion. The wife claimed that Jackson was the greatest entertainer ever, hands down. I said hold on, you have to put Elvis and Sinatra into that discussion. Since she loathes Sinatra, and does not think much of Elvis, she poo-pooed that in her dismissive fashion. I pointed out that if we are talking entertainment, that Sinatra dominated every medium -- stage, TV, film. He won an Oscar fer cripes sake. Elvis made what -- 50 movies? Several did very well at the box office. I did have to reluctantly admit that Elvis just played Elvis in most movies. The King's comeback special remains one of the highest rated TV specials of all time. Jackson sold a lot of records and took the art of the video to new levels, but success in movies and TV eluded him. That is unless you take into the account the ratings for his child molestation trials.

I tried to point out that each was the dominant performer of their era, and the styles are different, but she was having none of it. I guess since Sinatra did not dance, and Elvis was not a child performer, that was the end of the discussion. Just between you and I, we know who was the greatest entertainer in modern times, don't we?

edit. I think Nathan may be right. I am not even sure if Jackson was the dominant performer of his era -- the MTV/music video era. One could argue that Madonna and Mariah Carey have had a longer and more productive careers. Somehow in the media frenzy we have forgotten Jackson last had a hit ...when?

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