July 15, 2009

All about nothing

We had a healthy supper last night. I made a salad and grilled up chicken to put on top. I even used a low fat raspberry vinaigrette for the dressing. Later the wife and I both were hungry. I know, there is no use eating a light dinner if you are going to snack later. Tough Tetons as the French might say. I rolled out some pie dough (from scratch) and covered it heavily in sugar and cinnamon. I cut it into squares with a pizza cutter and then put it into the oven. The crust was light and flaky, the sugar slightly caramelized and the house smelled wonderful. It is good to be me.

I took the car to WalMart to get an oil change yesterday. They were pretty backed up so I had ample time to walk around. For kicks I stood on some scales in the bed and bath department. I nearly cried. I have lost over fifty pounds. I guess I will have to change the name of this piece o'crap to Not Quite as Fat in Indiana!

One thing is for sure, baking up a batch of pie dough at 11:30 pm is not the way to keep off those pounds.

I watched the All-Star game...sort of...last night. I turned it off when the Pres was on. I thought for a moment Joe Buck was going to kiss Obama's ass right there on the screen. I could not bear to see that, so I switched channels. Later, I switched back and forth between the game and Chopped -- one of the best shows on the Food Network. It was way cool to see Stan The Man Musial trotted rolled out before the game. I thought he was dead!

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