August 20, 2009

A Public Service Announcement

I have had my doubts for a long time about the ability of most journalists to tell the truth. It now looks like journalists took the same math-for-humanities-majors class I did, since they cannot count. They must have skipped that poli-sci or high school civics class as well. I will do your job for you Mr./Ms/Mrs. Journalist:

The Democrats control both houses of Congress.

The Republicans do not have the votes to stop health care. The Republicans cannot be held responsible if it fails. The Democrats do not need "bipartisan" support.

Feel free to cut and paste if the concept is too difficult.

quick aside why is bi-partisanship only when the Republicans give in to the Democrats?

The Democrats and the President can get any crap bills they want passed. The Republicans are not needed to row this sinking ship.

Is that clear or do I need to type more slowly?

And one more thing, if I worked for a large Insurance Company and got a copy of the "letter" demanding names of employees and private company expenditures I would mail a copy of my annual report. Period. The rest is none of Congress' business. What my or any other employer chooses to pay me is not the business of the Government beyond making sure I pay my fair taxes. EOS. Every American should be very afraid today. Journalists of all stripes are supposed to be the watchdogs of society -- where is the outrage?

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