February 20, 2010

A Movie Review

The wife wanted to go see the movie Dear John last night. I give it a solid 2-1/2 out of 5. It wasn't nearly the total chick flick I expected, but it was not an awesome movie either. I will not go into details, but let me say this -- what a bitch. Guys, if you want a nice date movie that is not an over the top romance, you will be able to stand this movie. Hey, if she will go see Transformers, Avatar or GI Joe with you, you can do this for her.

I need to get busy and help out a little around here. You know, dust or run the sweeper or something. I did activate my new debit card this morning. Maybe I do deserve a rest! I bet I could find a nice action DVD, a real manly movie with Clint, or the Duke to wash away the chick flick experience. I need to find something with explosions and guns and maybe some damn Nazi killing. Horses or cannon will also do the trick. Some female nudity always cleanses the romance from the brain.Hold on...

I just went to the awesome DVD cabinet. I have not seen The Blue Max for a while. I found a copy of The Great Escape that is unopened. Ooooh, maybe Master and Commander? Bonnie and Clyde, The Longest Day, or Big Jake? Do I want The Warriors or Full Metal Jacket?

I received a copy of Woodstock for Christmas, but I do not think that fits my mood this morning. Do I want to go the comedy route, Happy Gilmore or something from Dean and Jerry? The boy has a copy of Forgetting Sarah Marshall. I could do Animal House or The Blues Brothers. I am sure the lovely Esther Williams is out of the question,as is Elvis. I need something manly like The Outlaw Josey Wales or Jeremiah Johnson.

I could watch my set containing the entire first season of Rat Patrol, or maybe John Wayne in North to Alaska. The Godfather (Parts I and II) sits quietly yet powerfully offering a viewing I cannot refuse. Dare I give up the three hours each volume demands?

Joe Kid, or Patton? Zulu Dawn or Zulu? Platoon or Saving Private Ryan? I could watch The Alamo or Billy Jack.How about Platoon, Gettysburg, Heartbreak Ridge or The Dualists?

There it is; the perfect Saturday morning movie...


Cappy said...

That is about 95% congruent with my all time movie list. Don't forget Sink the Bismarck with drowning Nazis, the best kind.

I did see Tooth Fairy last weekend. I liked it, mostly due to The Rock. My daughter didn't because she thought the boy in the movie was too wussy. She may be sneaking in and reading my blogroll.

Scott said...

I think you should run the sweeper, HB.

Rita said...

Deadliest Catch Marathon is on today, is that manly enough? Aww, maybe not because it might make you cry like a little girl since it's dedicated to the late great Capt. Phil Harris.

When my male boss told me the other day that Sleepless in Seattle was one of the best all time movies, he adamantly denied it was a chick flick. Uhhh, YEAH, RIGHT.

I thought Dear John might be a little bit too much of a chick flick for me, but my husband said one of the GUYS at work told him it was a great movie. But then again, my husband likes chick flicks.

We just saw Valentine's Day. I was really surprised at how good the movie was. Of course it was a chick flick, but it was a GOOD chick flick.

So I have just one question? Did you cry during Dear John?

j/k. Your post cracked me up.

R.I.P Capt Harris.

linda said...

The Great Escape is an all time favorite and we never get tired of the Blues Brothers--for some reason!

Ed Bonderenka said...

The Longest Day.
But I am impressed with your collection.

Rita said...

The best movie of all time....not a chick flick..

Hands down it's Shawshank Redemption. Only movie I consider great and I did not cry even once.

dragonlady474 said...

May I suggest you watch "Zombieland", it is funny, scary and has a lot of blood, guts, and action. I'm not a huge Woody Harrelson fan, but he cracked me up in this one.

hoosierboy said...

Cappy, that is one of the few great ones I do not own.

Rita, this is justa fraction of my collection, Ispend way too much on DVDs. I nfact ilove romantic comedies.

Do not tell anyone, but breakfast at Tiffany's is one of my favorite movies.

Dragon -- the boy rented zombieland last weekend, but I did not get a chance to see it.

Ted Amadeus said...

Any of those movies, or all of them, would make the day.

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