March 17, 2010

Dear Dennis Kucinich

To paraphrase Churchill: Mr. Representative, we now know what you are. All we need to know is what was the price?

I sure hope it was more than an airplane ride.


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Senator Flip-Flop Flops Again!

mts1 said...

He's a representative in the House, not Senator. Don't accidentally promote him. Sadly, he was one of the strongest pro-life Democrats before he claimed to be pro-choice during his presidential run. He tried to go back to his pro-life stance with this bill, but an airplane ride and a visit from O was all it took to change him. Hookers on Craig's List get more for selling themselves.

Joe said...

I knew that mts, edited and fixed to representative. I blame it on getting old.

Dan O. said...

I hear it involved a reach-around. And a cigarette.

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