March 16, 2010

Dear President Obama

Back in January you promised during your State of the Union address you were going to focus like a laser on jobs and the economy. Could you let us know when you are going to get on that?

Instead, we see you still out stumping for a health care plan no one wants. Now nearly 60% of Americans hate your ideas. Let it go and focus on the economy.

Seriously, that shit sandwich you keep trying to sell just stinks more every day. As you said, all that can be said about Obamacare has been stated. Hop off the stump and focus your attentions elsewhere. Iran is going to get a bomb and use it. How about re-starting that dialogue? We get what you want to do, we just are not interested in your ideas to take over the health industry.

I do sales for a living -- sometimes the potential customer just does not want to buy. Pressuring only makes him dig in his heels. Since you have never has a job in business you do not understand these things.

You are welcome to the free advice.


The Rich Wasp said...

If the President were to place his focus on jobs and the economy an untold number of people would lose their jobs and flush our economy further down the toilet.

Could we have our President focus like a laser on some comparatively unimportant foreign policy issue like the debate between England and Argentina over the Falkland Islands?

Wait, they've already had one war over that. I guess there's no harmless task for the President to do.

Rita said...

See? You still just don't get it which is why he must continue to explain it to all you non-elite.

He explained it again today, with a different twist so that you will get it. "The employer's premiums will go down THREE THOUSAND PERCENT"

For any of you non-accountant types, that means that if your employer now PAYS $100 of your health insurance premiums, under this plan they will then RECEIVE $299,900.

Picture me, former accountant scratching my head trying to figure out exactly HOW that works.

Obviously not only has the great O NO business experience, he also has a little trouble understanding math.

Stupid Americans, what are we thinking opposing that bill?

Heck if that's the plan, I'm opening up a business, hiring one person with no salary, but will pay their health insurance and poof, I'm instantly profitable thanks to the new health care bill.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Welcome to Mike Judge's "Idiocracy", where the stupid are ruled by the mind-bogglingly, incredibly stupid.
We were stupid to have ever elected the last three douchebags to sit in the Oval Office, so can we atleast recuse/vote no confidence/demand a recount for this one?
I don't even know who the next President will be and I ALREADY hate the fucker!

Ed Bonderenka said...

Rita, Rita, Rita. Every day, millions of Americans misread their teleprompters when talking to their friends, and you're going to pick on this one poor idiot because he was on TV when it happened?

Joe said...

Rita, I was going to write about that but you beat me to it.

Ed, Ted and Wasp -- funny stuff

Ed Bonderenka said...

Thank you, thank you.
We'll be here all week.
Tip your waiters!

Rita said...

Ed: Darn it, I keep forgetting the blasted teleprompter when I have to explain things to my co-workers. Maybe I'll just jot a couple of notes on my hand. Oh, no, can't do that as I might be the butt of every joke because I didn't (mis) use a teleprompter instead.

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