September 4, 2010


The coffee is good this morning. I hope you are doing well.  I watched the sun rise, as usual. It comes up later every day.  The calender is funny that way. On the bright side in a few months the days will start getting longer.

The TV is fixed. The old bank account took a $325 hit, but I has my big screen back. What the hell, it is only money. I have never had much of it, and this way I will not blow it on fast women and faster cars.

It was a cool 52 degrees when i went out to get the paper. The temps are expected to get back to the nineties next week. Some of the State got some rain Thursday evening and Friday morning, but not us. We have had less than 0.25 inches of rain since July. If it were not for the monsoons we faced in May and June every ditch, brook, and creek in the area would be bone dry. I bet the giant snakes that lived down by the brook at the old homestead are slithering up by the house with evil intent to get inside where they can drink from the sink and kill the inhabitants. That is what snakes do. I am glad i do not live there any more.

Have a great Saturday. I hope you all get laid.

Here is aclassic tune for your viewing pleasure. Rita is a bit older here, but still smokin' hot.

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Anonymous said...

$325.00 would get you a higher class hooker for an hour. Don't ask me how I know.

James Old Guy

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