September 21, 2010

A special post to you

Things have been a bit sparse around this old place lately. I imagine many of you are clicking, yawning and moving on.  I don't blame you. Pretty soon the political landscape will open up and I will have some things to say.

Maybe not.

I have some issues going on in my life. Work is keeping me busy. I am sure you have no interest at all in what I eat for lunch, or my opinion on sports. Hell, you might not care about my opinion on anything!

Surfing my daily reads leads me to believe I am not alone in my blogapathy. For most of you, I don't care if you are disappointed in my lack of effort here lately. I will say to you, though (and you know who your are), I apologize and I will try harder in the future.


LeeAnn said...

Well, this is going to set my new book, "What Hoosierboy Is Lunching Upon", back a bit, but I'll manage.
And I'll keep an eye out for your enlivenment. :)

Joe said...

I know, it sucks, there were several unauthorized books in the works about my dining habits.

Rita said...

If your sports opinions don't include good things about the Colts, then you're right, I'm really not interested.

However, our fellow (formerly) Hoosier native LOVES to argue with me about Manning. Sometimes he even spells it wrong just to irritate me.

Check out his comment on my lack of a post (only videos) on the Manning Bowl.

dragonlady474 said...

I have been in a blogging rut for a while now. I don't know what it is. I've been trying to be better about it, but personal shit keeps getting in the way. I swear, if I were ever to publish a book on my life I'd have to put it in fiction because no one would believe it was true.
I hope your issues work out okay for you HB.

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