October 15, 2010

Can we get a few facts straight?

We are getting hip-deep into election season. No matter which side of the political divide you find yourself, we need to acknowledge one simple fact. We have to stop blaming Republicans for the failure to pass the Democrat agenda. The Republican Party cannot be the "party of NO".  Republicans lacked the votes for more than a year to even filibuster a bill in the Senate.  There was a super majority in the House. The failure to pass Cap and Tax, or more comprehensive healthcare, or immigration or whatever other progressive dream lies completely in the hands of the ruling party.  Remember that Pelosi and company met behind closed doors with Democratic Party leaders and crafted Obamacare. The minority party was not invited.  It is hard to compromise when your input is not required.

So as you head to the polls in a few weeks, keep in mind every time Obama, Pelosi, Reid or your local Democratic Representative or Senator blames his Republican opponent for the failure to get legislation passed, that claim is a falsehood.  Think about that when you go to pull the lever on the voting machine. Do you really want to vote for a fucking liar?


Otter said...

Quite eloquently spoken…..

Otter said...

"Who's John Galt?"

Ed B said...

Well said sir!

Cappy said...

They can't get facts straight. If they could they wouldn't be liberals any more.

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