January 28, 2011

16 hour days make me cranky

Why do some people find it necessary to carry on their conversations at the airport loud enough for everyone in a two gate area to hear their business? Is it a "look at me" gene?  Is it just ignorance? This assholery is not confined to men, nor to salesmen, although that is often the case, but most often to middle age women having long personal conversations about shit that could be better discussed in person.  Just because you are bored does not mean the rest of us should be subjected to detailed descriptions of your latest pedicure.

That James Fenimore Cooper is one wordy SOB. the Last of the Mohicans is still a compelling story. if you saw the excellent movie with Daniel Day Lewis movie version made a decade or so  holy shit almost 20 years ago, it is only loosely based on the classic novel. It has taken me a bit to understand the book is far different. I keep finding myself screaming silently "No one talks like that -- even in the 18th Century" and "Get on with the story already".


Anonymous said...

Having just endured 8 hours waiting in Reagan National I have come to believe the vast majority of people traveling by air should be thrown out mid flight.

James Old Guy

Joe said...


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