January 18, 2011

Hey Joe, What's for dinner?

In the next 60 minutes, in no particular order, I have to shave, shower, go to the bank, put supper in the crockpot and jump in the car and head North to visit a customer. OK, I lied, that is the order of business. I should add I must put up something for you to waste a minute or two reading. There, are you happy?  I mentioned YOU in my blog post today. I did not forget my obligations to offer a meager attempt at entertainment.

So, we are having chicken tonight for supper. Put some chicken breasts in the crockpot. Dump in a tablespoon or so of chicken bullion, or not if you do not have any on hand.  Spread two cans of broccoli-cheddar soup on top.  Dump in 1/3 can of milk. You can use water if you have to.  You can also substitute 1/2 C dry white wine. Cook. Serve over noodles.  I mean that. Cook the noodles -- preferably the slick cheap ones from the pasta section of your local grocery. Toss 'em in some butter. Put the noodles on a big platter.  Put the cooked chicken on top. Spoon the cheesy sauce over everything. Sprinkle with some parsley for garnish if you want.  I usually don't.  Serve some rolls and a side veggie.  I recommend brussel sprouts. I won't be serving them, but you do as you like. Hey, ease up.  I like brussel sprouts, no one else around here does though.

Off to the shower! No peeking in the windows. You don't want to be sick at your stomach before you have chicken in the crockpot do you? Go on, read someone else.  You will go no more from me today.


Rita said...

This post might have been more appealing to me if I hadn't just finished off my homemade chicken pot pie. All gravy and chicken, no veggies to get in the way.

Thanks for the recipe though. I never expected to get ideas for dinner from an average Joe.

curmudgeon said...

I like brussel sprouts. :)

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