January 19, 2011

Where is waldo?

In the best of all world s you would have had a post this morning.

You did not.

You really don't get one this evening either.

But I am in the armpit of America! Hooray for me.

Anyone want to guess?


LeeAnn said...

In our local "downtown" area?

Erica said...

Wow, you're in Jersey?

Erica said...

Oh, wait...scratch that...that's the "butthole of America."

Rita said...

If it stinks like an armpit, must be Terre Haute.

Dave said...

I believe the armpits of america are Flint, Michigan and Gary, Indiana. I hope you're not near either one.

Anonymous said...

Washington DC

James Old Guy

Ted Amadeus said...

"Detroit rock city" no doubt.

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