March 17, 2011

Dear Progressive Readers -- an open challenge

Few, if any of my old progressive readers show up here any more. They never comment. I guess the drubbing they took in the last election made them scurry back to their holes, clutching their blankies and crying for Mommy. Or perhaps they came to the conclusion I was right all along?

I would like to open up the forum and sincerely I would like the Obama supporter from 2008's opinion. Just as I had no issue criticising GW, I wonder how you who voted for The Obama feel about him now?

Since Obama was elected gas prices at the pump are up almost 90%. Unemployment has increased from just over 5% to 9% and higher. The deficit has tripled. The value of the dollar has fallen. Wars and strife have erupted in Iran, Korea, and all across the Mideast. The Afghan War continues, with no end in sight. The threat of terrorism is increased, not diminished. Gitmo remains open for business. Americans overwhelmingly rejected the Democrat agenda in the last election. Ocean levels have not decreased. Food prices jumped last month the highest rate in 36 years. Housing starts are the lowest since the Government started keeping track in 1959.

Is this the Hope and Change you thought you were getting? Is the Absentee in Chief living up to your expectations? We know The Obama has improved his golf game. He is spending some quality time on his NCAA Brackets, but how is he doing on the domestic and international fronts?

In the interest of fairness,  I will even give you the keys to do a guest post, if you believe the comment section is not adequate for your rejoinder.


Nathan said...


CnC said...

thank God! I thought I was going deaf.

Anonymous said...

No wait... Is that... ? I think I hear a faint "buzzing" sound.

Yep. I'm bettin' that's coming from "the Obama supporter from 2008..."

Mockingbird said...

Ummm, that Obama supporter from 2008 now has a Ron Paul '12 bumper sticker on his almost new F150.

Anonymous said...

Hope your not holding your breath.

James Old Guy

mts1 said...

Amazing, when Evil Boosh gave us the Patriot Act, it was like the Argentine military junta was going to have a dirty war in the US. These people renew it without even the slightest hint of irony. When fuel was $4 in 2008, Evil Boosh was in collusion with Big Oil against the little people. Now it's back up again, they're ok with it, since it's happening under their guy's watch.

The Dems won their Congressional majority on the backs of Cindy Sheehan and the anti-war crowd. Today, a bill appeared in Congress to bring the armed forces home, and the Democrats voted against it as heartily as the Republicans. And not a single anti-war person cried foul. They were told to put their money where their mouths were, and their executive would've had to sign it into law, and they balked.

That's what makes me sick with how the state Dems are playing union workers like a Stradivarius. When they get a governor and the state house, and they will, they'll screw labor to the wall, and the union guys will not make a peep, since it's their guys going the dirty deed. Remember, it was Carter and the Dem Congress that passed the 1980 Transport Act, which turned company trucking from almost all union to almost all non-union, and the 1978 airline deregulation, which introduced a slew of non-union airlines against "legacy" (unionized) carriers and broke the union hold there. And do your own research on how the AFL-CIO threw its weight in favor of Clinton-era's GATT, which was worse than NAFTA. If Jimmy Hoffa, John Lewis, and Sam Gompers were alive to watch today's union leaders, they'd puke.

I'd at least respect liberals' view of the world if they were consistent, and held Democrat feet to the fire as heartily as Republican feet. It's their flop duplicity based on whether the doer is a D or R, and squirminess that bugs me the most, not their different ways to face problems, or their different world view in general.

Anonymous said...

Aw come on. That was funny, no?

See. This is why... Ah, never mind.

Erin O'Brien said...

What is really funny is that Hoose is above naming which "progressive readers" he's calling out in this here post.

I hadn't dropped in here for a few days, but someone actually emailed me this link, asking if I was going to take the challenge.

No idea if Hoose wants my opinion or not. If so, next time, Hoose, try employing some manners and ask me nicely by using my name, linking me, or (gasp!) sending an email.

If you don't want my opinion, feel free to delete this comment. But I'll humor the bud who emailed me nonetheless and respond. No worries. I'll keep it brief.

The best of Obama is healthcare reform, the Dodd-Frank Act and the credit card reform bill. The righties are doing everything they can to quietly undo the financial reform measures in those last two. When they do, you can look forward to another catastrophic market failure ala Oct. 2008.

The worst of Obama is failure to close Gitmo and failure to significantly withdraw troops from Iraq and Afghanistan. In these things, I am truly disappointed.

No, I'm not a "want my vote back" person. Yes I will support Obama in 2012.

Now then, all of you brave anonymous darlings may commence calling me names and telling me I am fat, stupid, old and ugly.

Erin O'Brien said...

Forgot to mention:

Ideologically, Obama kowtowed far too much to the right. Removing the "public option" from HCR debate is one good example.

Joe said...

Well Erin, I was not calling you out specifically. If that was the case, I would have sent you an email or dropped a comment at your place. There have been some opportunities.

I have had more than one reader who disagreed with my political view point. Some have expressed their views far more frequently and more vocifeously and less civil than you. To the best of my knowledge you have never hoped I had a heart attack. Some have been very cordial and offered logical thought behind their (wrong -- haha) philosophies.

Anyway, thanks for your response. I was really curious how an Obama voter felt these days. The intent of this post was not to provoke an argument, but knowledge.

Joe said...

I may not have a lot of readers, but there are 80-120 unique visitors here every day. I am sorry if you think it bad manners not to mention every person who has ever commented here by name.

Erin O'Brien said...

Every person, hoose?

Look at the first sentence of your post. You said, "Few, if any of my old progressive readers."

If you call somebody out, you should call them out. Just putting up a post and waiting for particular readers to respond is not a very effective way to run a challenge. Now of course I don't know how this palace works. Maybe you emailed others privately.

If you didn't, then the "cricket" phenomenon your commenters complain about is not necessarily an embarrassed silence. It's just that the other guy didn't know about the game.

Sometimes I think you intentionally post this stuff quietly so y'all can smugly say "see?" when you don't get a response.

Now that would be seriously candy ass.

Joe said...

Ok. Thank you for your response.

I understand your point. Next time I will try to track down contact information and try to guess the political persuasion of each of my visitors and send them a personal invite accordingly if I want a response to a post. I was under the mistaken impression that was the purpose of the comment box.

It was a crazy idea to solicit general opinions from a range of readers. It is clear I secretely only wanted the opinion of Ms O'B.

I was unaware you spoke for all of the progressivce mindset -- I will know otherwise for the future

Erin O'Brien said...

Good. Now run along.

Joe said...

Run along?

You visit my place, lecture me on manners and tell tell ME to run along?

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