March 7, 2011

Most irresponsible cuts ever -- Democrat Dick the Turbin Durbin

Let us say you worked hard and received $100.

You owe your kid an allowance. You take $1.75 from that $100 and give it to little Junior. Most would argue you are a cheap bastard. But more importantly, you would not really miss that $1.75.

You would not go hungry. You would not be forced to forgo any items you planned to purchase before you gave up that $1.75. After $98.25 is still a nice chunk of change.

Now lets look at similar scenario.  The awful cuts implemented by the Evil republicans in the Continuing Budget Resolution amounted to 1.75% of the budget.  That is right, our elected Representatives managed to find a whopping 1.75% of governmental spending we could do without.

Somehow cutting less than 2% of the budget is a  massive, irresponsible cut according to the Democrats.

1 comment:

Nathan said...

Well, he's right that they're irresponsible.

They ought to be a lot bigger.

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