March 14, 2011

Random Thoughts for a Monday Morning

Democrats are still AWOL from the Indiana House. Par for the political course, Democrats take the money and refuse to do the work. The welfare party in action.

Speaking of work, there is supposed to be another union protest at the State House today. When do these supposedly hard-working union chaps actually work, anyway? They seem to spend far more time in protest than actually doing whatever vital work they reportedly perform.*

Further on the subject of work -- the boss is watching. Maybe you should fill out those brackets on your own time. Unless the boss is the guy running the pool. Back in the days I worked in the cubical farm, the boss always ran the NCAA office pool.

I have a confession. Some days I miss working in the big office environment. I have worked basically alone for the past 12 years. I am way more productive, but  I miss the jokes, the coffee breaks, the office pools, etc. You know, actually communicating with other human beings on a daily basis. I do not miss the office politics, the resident douchebags and the rigid working conditions. If I want to look out the window, I can in my home office. At the cubical farm I could see daylight if I stood and looked in the distance  I could see a sliver of sky and the far horizon.

Trade-offs; life is full of 'em.

* Edit Now we know        H/T Nathan at Rants of a Fuzzy Curmudgeon.

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