March 11, 2011

They call me mellow yellow

I flew in from Charlotte last night and boy are my arms tired. Well, I am tired anyway.  After a delay in Charlotte of nearly an hour, I banged my luggage through my front door around 11:30 in the PM. My day started around 7:00, so it was  long day. But then, that is why I get the big bucks. Hah!

I have two conference calls on tap this morning, so maybe you can get a real post later. Maybe not.

I cracked up last night at the airport. I must of still had my "be nice and charming" face on after visiting with customers earlier in the day. My normal "I hate people vibe" was not coming on strongly, I guess. As I was walking from the gates toward the terminal a middle aged lady asked me if I had just come from Charlotte. I replied in the affirmative. She said she was on that flight also. She asked me the way to baggage claim. After giving her the directions (keep walking and go down the escalator) she walked along with me. We were going the same direction, although I was heading straight for my car.

She told me they had just come from Jamaica. I guessed that already. She had on shorts and it was in the thirties. She had her hair done up Bo Derrick style. No white woman looks good in that look, but for some reason they all have their hair done that way while in Jamaica. It is hilarious to see the plane disgorge passengers from the Caribbean in Charlotte, half the middle-aged chicks are sporting cornrows and beads.

The nice lady proceeds to tell me her flight from Charlotte was delayed almost an hour.

Think about that a moment. We had just discussed we were on the same flight. I guess the braids were pulled just a little too tight.

You would have been proud. I did not even respond. I guess I am getting mellow in my old age.

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