March 4, 2011

Why I may soon need blood pressure medicine.

I went to the drug store earlier this week to get my diabetes medicine refilled. They had to get an updated script from the doctor and they told me to come back the next day. I had  a few days on hand so it was not a problem.

I went back yesterday and they told me I could not get a refill. According to their records, I filled my prescription last on February 12, and the insurance would not pay for more already. I will admit it seemed like I had just refilled the medicine. I pointed out to the clerk that if I was out then they shorted me last time.

Running some quick addition in my head I mentioned that if I refilled on February 12, that was 18 days ago. When I refilled I had a day or two of pills on hand. I told her I bet the druggist only gave me 30 pills, even though I take one pill twice a day. I said it had to be a mistake on their part. After pretty much calling me a liar and accusing me of hoarding drugs, taking too many, losing the medicine, abusing the pills, selling them, and trying to cheat CVS, the insurance company, and probably her personally, she agreed to talk to the pharmacist.

The pharmacist heard her out, looked at the screen and said "We probably counted wrong". He then told her to give me enough to last until the 9th, the earliest the insurance company would allow a refill. The ninth is six days away. She came back and gave me SIX pills, gratis. The only problem is I need TWO pills every day. I pointed out my medicine would be gone on Monday, and I could not get more until Thursday. The clerk told me the six was all the pharmacist could give me. I pointed out once again they are only providing enough for ONE F-ING PILL A DAY, and that is how we came to this position to start with.

I went home as pissed as I have been in a long time. I tried to call the doctor to no avail. I called the pharmacy to talk with the pharmacist. I got another clerk. I again pointed out that they must have shorted me last month, only giving me enough for one a day, not two, and explained the math to her. She asked me what they should do about it? I said I need more pills, you obviously shorted me. She said she would talk to the pharmacist.

After a while, the second clerk came back and asked how many pills I need to last until the ninth. I told her six. She asked six or twelve and told me I need to get my story straight. I said six and explained they had given me six earlier. She asked why I did not ask for twelve if that was what I needed.

I asked if I could come and get the extra pills. She said she did not know how I would get them if I did not come to the store. I swear to the Maker those were her exact words.

I went back to CVS and waited in line.  Again. I explained I was there to pick up my medicine. Blank look. She checked the bins and there was no prescription. "Nothing for you.", she said. I explained the whole thing again.  Blank look. She asked me what I wanted them to do? I grabbed the back of her neck and slammed her face-first into the counter.

Not really , but I wanted to.

She talked to the pharmacist and finally got me enough pills to last until the ninth. As I left, I pondered again the loss of customer service in this country. Boy, is the clerk at CVS going to be unhappy next week when I pour out my pills right there on the counter and count them. Then I am going to have my prescriptions transferred elsewhere. I am not sure where that will be in this one-horse town, but I will find someplace.

CVS will never miss me.

* I take complete  blame here -- I should have noticed the qty was light when I refilled in February.  But the drug store did nothing to make the issue easier to fix.


linda said...


Anonymous said...

I guess CVS has the same standards all over the country. Same problems here.

James Old Guy

Jean said...

Take a handkerchief or paper towel to pour out the pills to count them. Who knows what crud is crawling around. Remember...sick people go there.

Grumpyunk said...

Other than the pharmacist, it's entirely possible that no one else there can do simple math.

After dealing with the public for years, I am convinced that the movie, Idiocracy was a documentary.

Scott said...

Hoosierboy, my local CVS in Indy has been fantastic to deal with through the years. You may try mail order through your insurance company. I've heard that works well. On a different note, I'm in Australia working right now, and even though things are very expensive here, there is a vibrancy to their economy that reminds me of how things used to be in the USA a long time ago. You know, like before chain restaurants and Wally World and the rest. Kind of refreshing.

mts1 said...

Scott is right. My father and other relatives got their medications via mail without a hitch; no waiting, always the right amount, and far less expensive.

Fred said...

Sounds like you were dealing with some jerks, that's for sure.

But I have to agree with Scott on this one. We've been dealing with CVS since before Sunshine was born. And this kid's been on a LOT of medications over the years. She's still on 3 daily. And CVS - and especially the pharmacists we've dealt with - have always been very helpful and easy to deal with.

Ralphd00d said...

My experience with CVS is, needless to say, frustrating, as well. After several trips (non-pharmaceutical) and a seemingly 'regular' crappy customer service in general. we just refuse to go there anymore. Granted, Phx is larger area, and Walgreen's is just as close...

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