March 16, 2012

Tristate Tollway Traveloque

I spent a good portion of the week in the Windy City area. The weather was wonderful. Traveling I-65 between Gary and Lafayette in Indiana was the adventure in frustration it always is. Traffic engineers and politicians can view first hand the idiocy of having one half the vehicles on a highway travel at a slower speed than the other half. Semi-tractors travel at 65 mph, while cars travel at a speed limit of 70 mph.  In reality, the difference is closer to 15 mph between the trucks and cars and anytime a truck moves to the left lane, traffic can back up for miles in a hurry. 

Since I was (and am) still hacking a lung on a regular basis, I found myself at the Target near my hotel Wednesday afternoon. The weather was perfect and I was shopping for cough medicine. I guess Robitussin is a controlled substance in Illinois, I had to present my ID to the high school kid manning the scanner/register. Since he was underage, the clerk/associate/team member/whatever had to get a manager to approve the purchase. As we waited, the clerk attempted conversation. I felt like warmed over turds, but I tried to be nice.

Clerk: You from Indiana, huh?
Moi: Huh?  Yep.
Clerk: I was in Indiana once (like it was some exotic far-flung destination, not just a very short car ride away).
Moi: Yeah (not really caring), What part?
Clerk: I don't know, but it seemed like a nice place.
Moi:  Hmm.
Clerk: (wistfully)Yeah, I visited Indiana once...

I once spent a wild weekend in Paris, France. I guess if you are teen from Naperville, Illinois, the Hoosier State must hold the same allure.


Jean said...

He's never going to move away from home, is he? sheesh.

Woodman said...

Maybe he was just thinking about how his buddy was telling him you could buy, and carry, guns in Indiana.

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