April 15, 2012

Breeding cobras for fun and profit

The wife's CPAP mask was not adjusted right or something last night.  It was like sleeping next to a wind tunnel. That is not the kind of blow job I want. Early this morning, as the whoosh of air rushing out woke me up for around the tenth time, I thought about clamping down on her face with a pillow to quiet the sound. I finally just got up instead.

I should exceed 200,000 hits sometime on Monday. That total is minuscule for the big dogs out there, but for this hick from the Hoosier hinterlands it is pretty cool. I am honestly humbled by the idea anyone would go out of there way to click a link to this collection of typos, misspellings, and incomprehensible screeds. The notio9n that so many of you come by every day -- some of you on purpose -- leaves me amazed.

I can remember the early days when I got perhaps seven hits a day, five of them me. In the heady fays of 2007 and 2008 I managed to attract about twice my current daily visitors, but Facetwitter has destroyed blogging. Or maybe it was Obama. Is it a coincidence that many of us lost readers after the election of the Chosen One? 

By the way, I checked with some friends who own a beach house in North Carolina.  The tides still come to about the same place as the did in 2008, The Obama has ruined Blogging, but he has not reduced sea levels like he promised.

As usual my random ramblings have taken us off track. Thank you to every one of you who has bothered to stop by in the past seven years. Your comments and visits have gotten me through some low days and were mere icing on the cake on good days. I know very few of you in person, but you are among my dearest friends. I do not possess the vocabulary to express what that means to me. A simple thank you will have to suffice.


Anonymous said...

.... keep on keeping on, my friend........ Fat in Indiana isn't a bad place to be....


Jean said...

You've been a long-time favorite.
Keep spittin' 'em out, Joe.

dragonlady474 said...

Ahhh yes, I still fondly talk about the old days and of the dragon/hoosierboy blog war (which I of course won). My sister and I were just talking about that the other day.
I think blogging will make a comeback, simply because FB is too invasive. I still like writing for my blog better than posting on FB, and when my health is back to normal, I can hopefully began posting regularly again.

Anonymous said...

Everyday read for me, keep going.
James Old Guy

Scott said...

You've been a regular stop for me for a few years now. I don;'t like politics or organized religion, because they're so divisive. But I like your views, and your stories about Indiana, because I can relate, since I live there, too.

Joe said...

I try to stay away from religion. I sometimes think I spend too much time on politics.

I doubt I have swayed a single person. But I do get to vent my frustrations.

Thanks for reading, Scott

Mockingbird said...

You are very welcome, Joe. Thank you for your wonderful blog. I stop by most every day, unless I'm out doing investment banking or tending the still.

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