June 28, 2012

And over the classic halls...

Well I did not think the girl
Could be so cruel
And I'm never going back
To my old school
   --Steely Dan
On my way back from a long road trip last evening I found myself pulling off on the exit to my old college town. I had been in the car for hours and I was hungry. I had not eaten since lunch and supper time was long past. It was time for food, any food. I hit McDonald's --America's urinal-- for a pee break and quick bite. I got my food to go and decided to take a quick drive around the campus.

It is reassuring to know that much was the same, just a little different.  New red brick buildings dotted the landscape where stately old houses once stood. Center Hall, the Chapel, Baxter Hall all stood around the Mall as ever. The setting sun sent rays of light through the green of the trees to prodce a psotcard-like setting. The Fraternity house still stood on the hill, no longer part of the Greek system, its charter revoked in a hissy fit of ass coverage. 

I would like to say the buildings somehow looked smaller, that time had dimmed my memories of the place.   I wish I could offer plaitudes and thoughful insight on my youth brought forth by the stately red brick of the campus. I want to be that writer that steps back in time to capture life lessons in retracing my long ago footsteps. I have neither the talent or imagination for that. In my mind they are just buildings where I used to sit and pathways and streets I used to walk.

I have nostalgia, anyone who reads the drivel in the archives can attest to that. But driving past  and through the campus brought forth nothing more than a satisfied "hmmph".  I had a hell of a good time at that place. I got an excellent education to boot. But I have no deisre to go back.  My best days are in front of me, not in the past.

Today politics will take center stage in the news, the blogs, and in conversation. I am sure in the coming days I will opine, rant and lecture. But in the end, the sun will rise on the morrow, my wife and kids will love me.

I can live with that.

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