June 16, 2012

Filthy Democrats

Why when the Democrats had control of Congress, elections had consequences, but when the Dems are not in charge compromise becomes the mark of a true statesman?

It is probably Bush's fault.


Anonymous said...

I hope your waiting for an answer from a Democrat. You might get some liberal to drop in and try to explain how its all Bush's fault. I am still wondering how a man elected to the most powerful office in the world can't figure out how to work with Congress even when he had a majority.
James Old Guy

Greybeard said...

I'm sure Erin will come by with a brilliant answer to your question.

mts1 said...

You know JOG, Reagan got what he needed to get done, and he never had a GOP majority anywhere in his 8 years. He did it because he actually did reach across the aisle and engage in civil discourse, even when his opponents would still refuse to play along (remember the Democrat Dear Commandante Noriega letter?). And not in the way Dems mean when they want you to reach across the aisle - they want you to check your principles at the door and agree with them; anything less is incivility and hate speech.

Reagan was able to get Democrats on board with him by not swatting them totally. He knew not to corner the honey badger, especially when the honey badger was larger than he. As long as they could go home and tell the voters in their districts that they were able to stand up to the President and get X,Y, and Z, no matter how much XYZ were useless window dressing, it let them still look viable to their voters.

Obama has been nothing but brinksmanship. A Republican couldn't even get the time of day when the Dems had total control 2006-2010. The Dems hammer hard on the GOP, then wonder why karma bites them on the butt when the situation flips.

In Indiana, Pat Bauer is a 256 term state rep from South Bend (vampires don't die, hence his longevity), and gets House Speaker when the D's win it. In Indiana, the Speaker is more powerful than the governor, for how can a governor get a bill through if the Speaker disallows it? He is a total s***head when in charge, and it's the far liberal D way, and no other way is allowed to get through committee to the House floor. Speaker Bosma has appointed D's in committee positions and gets D's involved in the process, but the D's went out of state for a good part of last year because the GOP was uncivil (meaning Bauer couldn't be a Hitler anymore so waah his p***y hurt and he bullied the D's into supporting his flight to Medina, er, Urbana).

The GOP is Ghandi in terms of peaceful resistance, compared to the Occupy/Democrat party.

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