September 21, 2012


Blogging is not easy.  Many have read the opinions and rantings and stories written by bloggers and muttered, "I could do that". You can. We all think we have something to offer to the general education, discourse and entertainment of our fellow man.  Keeping it up is the hard part. Make no mistake, I make no pretense as to quality around here. But in the blogging world I have stuck around for a while.

My six years plus is small potatoes compared to some.  I read bloggers who have been at this hobby well in excess of a decade.  I also know of many who did not make it a year. My blogroll is filled with fine folks who have found other outlets or hobbies . The list of former daily reads who have moved on is massive. Throwing yourself out there on an almost daily basis is difficult.  It takes discipline. It takes a bit of creativity. This is post number 3,761. I also have more than 100 in draft status I did not bother to publish for various reasons. Some posts I have written were a waste of time for you to read and me to create. Lots of my posts fall into that category. I am proud of some of my musings. Still, I have no illusions. There is no interwebz version of the Pulitzer in my future. On the other hand, you are reading my words at this moment. Isn't that the point of the entire exercise?

I was cruising through my blogroll and noticed there are so many blogs who have not posted for a long time. Some of my favorites are gone forever.  I am not casting aspersions, nor castigating anyone. It is a damn hobby. Life intrudes. Facetwit has sucked the life from the blogoshere. My daily hits are half of what they were a few years ago. That's OK.  I never sought to become famous anyway.

There is no point to be made here. You could argue this post is a microcosm of the blog itself. It is mere keyboard ditherings for my entertainment.  That you bother to read is just a cherry on my life's sundae.

Introspection is boring. It is Friday. What say we knock of early for the weekend?

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Jean said...

"...just a cherry on my life's sundae."

That is beauteous!

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