July 1, 2014

SCOTUS, the real death panel

For those of you who are in a frenzy over the Hobby Lobby decision, let me pose a question. If a woman should get free contraception because it is a "health" issue, shouldn't my dad's blood pressure medicine be free? Why aren't you in hysterics over me having to pay for my diabetes medication?  After all, my health is at risk if I don't take it. I would posit my friend's heart medication if far more essential to his health than almost any woman's morning after pill.

I will entertain rebuttal in the comments. Before you argue, remember the ruling did not deny anyone access to anything, it merely made clear who would pay for it. And perhaps if you are really outraged, you should protest outside the Obama White House and at the HHS building.  They unilaterally imposed a waiver saying exactly the same as the Hobby Lobby SCOTUS ruling for religious institutions. If denying free abortion aids are damaging women's health at Hobby Lobby, they must also be life-threatening down at St. Mary's..

Oh, in case your screen does not display it correctly, the title to the post is written in sarcasm font.


Erin O'Brien said...

Make no mistake, Joe. Your diabetes medication is on the list. It always was. In fact, allowing companies to opt-out of paying for contraception was just a way of getting a foot in the door. Contraception costs nothing compared to your diabetes medication.

Corporate America will do anything to get out of paying for the Great American T2 diabetes epidemic. And when they succeed, you'll be welcome to pay for it yourself. You can get right in line behind the girl buying the morning after pill.

Don't like that prospect? Pray for single payer.

Anonymous said...

My diabetes medicine is not free now. Why should the morning after pill be free

And yes corporate America would like to dump me. I have no doubt. But this ruling did not affect that at all


Rita said...

Let's see. What would happen to you Joe if you cannot afford your diabetes medicine? And what would happen to the young girl should she not be able to afford the morning after pill?

I am SOOOOOO sick of this bullshit outrage called the "War on Women". When in fact, those claiming that actually believe women are weaker and should have to be taken care of instead of standing on their own.

Thank GOD my parents raised me and my sister to never think of ourselves as a lesser person than a man.

These liberals are raising their daughters to be weak.

So sad.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

The government only works in "one size fits all". Which is why it is particularly incompetent to manage things like health care and education.

Repeal the 16th Amendment. Starve our government back into submission to the people, which is how it was intended from the start.

Ed Bonderenka said...

I'm past arguing with morons like Erin.
They have their religious belief in Big Government and need an epiphany.

mts1 said...

Judge Ginsburg wrote a 35 page dissent, and she highlighted how an IUD is equal to a month's wages. I cannot imagine a device as nasty as an IUD. I've read countless articles on how they've caused women to hemorrhage, caused toxic shock, rendered women sterile, all sorts of badness. Even when it works correctly, it sounds downright medieval. But say you're not paying for one, and you're the one making a war on women.

Amazing how the very same people who champion organic and non-gmo foodstuffs for health have no problem with women being put on contraception that alters their hormones and the lining of their "down there." It's also amazing how people who insist that corporations have a social conscience, and even have money market funds and other financial instruments that advocate investment in socially conscious businesses, make a flurry of tweets on how Hobby Lobby stores should all be burned to the ground because Hobby Lobby exercises a conscience, all in the name of compassion. I have a headache from all the irony dropped on my head.

Anonymous said...

Single Payer? Managed by the same people that manage the VA health care system?

James Old Guy

Ed Bonderenka said...

Mts1, I posted your comment on Facebook with attribution.

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