September 16, 2014

Eat me, Buick

I once swore I would buy nothing that had an offensive or stupid commercial on TV. It did not take me long to realize that policy left few goods to buy. I hate the cartoon Charmin bears, but I am not about to pass on a soft wipe for my delicate butt. I do have standards.

The latest commercial that leaves me sputtering with outrage is the new Buick commercial. Assholes in all walks of life are exclaiming "I did not know it was a Buick". An idiot valet parking attendant can't find the Buick in the lot, I guess because the car does not look like a typical Buick. I suppose that just clicking the remote was too difficult for the moron?

My issue is that each and every car in the ad has a giant Buick emblem in the center of the grill. Ray Charles would not fail to notice it, and he is blind. And dead. The emblem is like four inches across. Only an idiot would look right at the front of the car and exclaim, "This is not a Buick".  It is not like the old bat in the spot is peering with myopic vision at a '67 Volkswagen Beetle with a Rolls Royce hood ornament.  The camera focuses on the front of the car, giant Buick emblem and all.

Who ever agreed to this ad campaign should be branded with the giant Buick emblem right on the their ass.


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Jesus, you are turning into a pissy old man.

Well done.

hey teacher... said...

If it is on their ass no one would know it is a Buick.

Anonymous said...

About 90% of commercials these days are just downright insulting to our intelligence.

And I agree with you. Makes me NOT want to ever give these people any of our hard-earned money.

One example: I've never been to a Carl's Jr. or a Hardee's. And thanks to their most recent ad, I never will.


Anonymous said...

I do hate watching hot women in bikini's eating hamburgers, when I can watch a liberal female with a mustache bitching about everything.


Ed Bonderenka said...

Remember. Ray Charles voted for Obama. After he died.

Anonymous said...

Ah but what do "hot women in bikinis" REALLY have to do with hamburgers James?

Try watching that crap with your 12-year-old daughter (unexpectedly, in prime time), whom you're trying to teach about decency and what's REALLY valuable?

Even my husband cringed. Now THAT's a real man in my book.


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