April 29, 2015

Mundane Musings

The coffee is hot, my toes are cold. Gray clouds are building to the west. A new day awaits. I have a very long drive ahead of me today. I am not excited about it, nor am I dreading it. It just is part of the job.

I have developed a large crack in the windshield of my company car. I first noticed it after the cold and rain over the weekend. It may or may not be getting longer. I am waiting word from the boss on how to fix it. Does he want me to turn it in on insurance or just pay for the replacement? In any case I will be on my way west with a broken windshield today.

Have a great Wednesday. I made alternate plans.

1 comment:

Ed Bonderenka said...

Do they pull people over for that, out your way?

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