February 26, 2016

Friday Fish Fry

Friday at last. This has been a long week. Did someone pop in an extra Tuesday while I was not paying attention? 

I woke up at about 5:00 with a pounding headache. I think the promised warm front must be approaching. I dropped a couple of redacted over-the-counter headache pills and was able to get back to sleep for another hour, but the pressure is building already as I type this. 

Reading the news this morning once again leads me to ask what the hell is wrong with people? Not just crazed shooters, but all of it --rapes, murders, perverts targeting teen girls, hit and runs.  When will the lawyers start suing the automobile manufacturers on behalf of hit and run victims? Ford, Chevy, and Toyota are making a dangerous product that kills tens of thousands every year. In 2010 cars killed more than 32,000 people and injured 2.2 million more. Well, that idea is no more idiotic than filing suit against gun manufacturers for the actions of a crazed shooter. Guns, knives, hammers, and even rocks are tools used by humans to harm other humans. They are inanimate objects and only dangerous when handled. I can't believe that judge in Connecticut did not throw out the suit against Bushmaster instantly. We have gone crazy as a nation. Is there no longer the concept of logic or even common sense?

We need some Friday Music today

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