March 6, 2016

"Charge for the guns!" he said

After I wrote yesterday's exciting and thought-provoking post I went down to see what was available for breakfast. I looked askew at the wife's bag of little chocolate donuts. I considered the granddaughter's Cheerios. Then I spied the fresh pineapple we bought at the store earlier in the week. I had placed it upside down in the 'fridge so that the sugars would evenly distribute. I peeled and sliced and cored the fruit.

Man, do I love me some pineapple. This one was sweet and buttery and just the perfect state of ripeness. Every bite brought back memories of Hawaii, of summer evenings when I grilled slices along with chicken kabobs, of pineapple sundaes, of Mai-tais, Dole pineapple whip and ham steaks and pineapple. Yes, I love pineapple. Especially fresh pineapple. I had some for breakfast this morning too.

Oh, to be back in Hawaii.


Jean said...

Fresh pineapple..yummmmm.

Ed Bonderenka said...

I had some pineapple on my Ramaki last night.
Scherie sliced some fresh for my daily fruit bowl.
Never heard of turning them upside down.

hey teacher... said...

What I want to know is, Do you like pineapple?

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