June 7, 2016


I guess we can say all of the Presidential candidates suck. Trump is a buffoon who needs a filter on his mouth. Hillary is a lying, despicable power hungry crook, and Johnson just ended any hope of getting my throw away vote with his comments last week that he agrees with Sanders more than 70% of the time and that he agrees with Obama's amnesty for illegals. The latter comment is a deal breaker for me.

Yesterday while cruising, the talking heads on the sports station were discussing Ali. That lead to a discussion of the sports "Mt Rushmore".  They thought Jordan, Ruth, and Gretzky were sure things and I cannot argue. The discussion came on the fourth head.

One could argue the real Mt Rushmore faced the same problem. I'm not sure TR really belongs. Similarly I'm not sure who the fourth sports head would be. I lean toward Jim Thorpe. One caller suggested Secretariat, but come on. I suppose we could consider Bruce Jenner. He could be a man and a woman and a whatever. Maybe Hank Aaron? Usain Bolt?

We could never build such a monument today. The progressives would argue that Ruth played in the white era. We would have to include every subgroup imaginable because calling anyone the best leaves out others. I'm not sure there is a mountain big enough to satisfy the SJW. Then the environmentalists would freak about carving the mountain. Then the perennial offended would complain that only sports figures were included. Perhaps it best remains a topic of imagination and something to discuss over a beer.

Who would you put on the sports Mt Rushmore?


Anonymous said...

Ted Williams


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Ty Cobb. First, to piss people off. Second, because recent scholarship indicates that the stories about him being the compleat [sic] asshole were made up out of whole cloth by a sportswriter who apparently had it in for him.

Shoeless Joe Jackson. If Pete Rose can be rehabilitated, Shoeless Joe should be, also.

Yeah, I'm in a pissy mood today. Can you tell?

Anonymous said...

Trying to think of a black,female,gay,transgender, world class athlete.

Yo Mama

hey teacher... said...

Howard Cossell
Never mind, no mountain big enough for that head.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Gotta agree with that one, Teach.

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