January 31, 2017

In my shoes

I sell widgets for a living. Our product is expensive and known for a high level of quality.

Suppose the owners decided they will source our widgets from an outside source, say a group of Aborigines from the darkest jungle of New Guinea. These people not only lack advanced manufacturing techniques, they have no quality source of raw materials and only a basic idea of our widget. The result is a low quality, barely working, yet highly profitable version of our product.

The boss sends me out to sell the new product. What would happen if I went to the customers, told them our product was junk and they should buy from our competitors? How long would I have a job? Would the boss have every reason to fire me? I may not like the new product. I may think it is junk. I may think it is morally wrong to sell the widget's benefits. Would it be my right to disparage the product and still keep my job?

Why in heck is anyone defending Sally Yates? Of course she deserved to be fired.

1 comment:

Melissa said...

Because they have to have a hero and someone to point at and say see we were right!! So aggravating

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