February 2, 2017

I ain't crying about it

It is just fact. I woke up just after four aye em again this morning. Someone had placed an imaginary vise on my head and was cranking it tight. And I had to pee. The latter I addressed right away. The headache took more time to alleviate. So here I am blogging away at 6:00. I spent the previous two hours wasting time on the interwebz, reading emails, making coffee, and staring out the window into the dark.

Little things bug me. I have a model of the HMS Victory sitting on a shelf above my desk. Admiral Nelson's flagship has its full array of sails unfurled: jibs, spankers, courses, mainsails. The wind would seem to be coming a few points off the starboard beam. Yet mysteriously the flags on the top of the foresail and mainsail masts are blowing backward! They are pointing towards the stern of the ship. Shouldn't the flags be blowing with the wind, not against it? Does it even matter?

I see a riot broke out at UC Berkley. It appears the cause was a severe case of irony. Threatening bodily harm and hate to stop a speech you think is filled with hate makes perfect sense. Oh, and let's burn some stuff that does not belong to us to prove we will not tolerate violations of people's "rights". I guess at Berkley free speech means never having to hear a position that you find disagreeable. Or that could be disagreeable. Or that someone told you could contain something you find disagreeable. Or heck let's just protest before the crowd turns on me for being different, you know because of "diversity". Intolerance in the name of tolerance. Got it.

Indianapolis Colts Pro Bowl punter Pat McAfee is walking away from the NFL at 29. He is one of the best punters in the game. He wants to do comedy full time. He is a very funny guy. Good for him. Bad for the Colts. I am glad he has the means to pursue his passion. I'm still waiting on someone willing to pay me to read and watch old movies on TV for a living. 

This entry has taken an inordinate amount of time to write, at least for me. I have been at it almost a half an hour. No doubt the quality of the post will fail to reflect the effort. You will not be surprised most posts are composed in mere minutes. They are extemporaneous outpourings from my mind at the moment. I bet it probably seems that way too, most days. I guess this one has been interrupted by too much daydreaming and obsessing over the damn flags on the cheap-assed ship model. You get what you pay for around here. If you are not completely satisfied I promise double your money back. 

Oh happy Groundhog Day

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