February 16, 2017


Last week Major League Baseball said they were going to experiment with a rule change at the lower levels of baseball that automatically put a runner at second base at the beginning of any extra inning. My response was not just a firm "no", but a resounding "Hell no". As pointed out elsewhere, those marathon 15-plus inning games where position players take the mound are rare. More to the point, they are fun as heck. When I told my wife this plan, even she said the idea was bad. Her first response was she liked to see those games.

Now this week MLB is trotting out a trial balloon about changing the games to 8 inning affairs.

Get rid of the designated hitter. Fewer hits equals shorter innings and shorter games. Raise the mound back up to pre-Bob Gibson levels. What did you say MLB? You want more offense? Then that equals longer games. Cutting a 3 hour game to 2:45 is not going to bring in the young fans.

Baseball is never going to be king of the sports world again. Revenues are up. Fans are happy. Leave the sport alone.


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Jeebus. And I thought the NFL and NBA had cornered the market on stupid rule changes. *headdesk*

Anonymous said...

MLB,NFL and the NBA have not figured out that they need fans, and the fans are tired of the bullshit. Empty seats are becoming common, people have figured out that the game is much better on a 70 inch wide screen than live in an elbow to elbow seat in the stands. Players whinning about money when they make more in one season than a lot of people will make in 10 years. The last straw is the political bullshit, fans want to watch a game not a demonstration.

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