September 16, 2017

Live blogging my morning brain

People always ask me "Joe, what is it like to be you?". Currently, I live my life as if I am getting checked for a hernia approximately every four minutes: cough, cough. Albeit I am not dropping my cargo shorts so a stranger can feel me up. I guess the good news is I have moved past the coughing jags that last until I am winded and near gagging. The elephant sitting on my chest has been replaced by a large sow, perhaps a buffalo. I am sure there is not a black bear on my chest, and certainly not a giraffe.  My chest tightness rises above the feeling I would get if a hedgehog were perched atop my lungs. I hope that adequately describes the situation?

My head congestion has reverted back to the normal "I hate fall" allergy level snot production.

OK, I admit you did not ask for that update. I suppose, if I have to be honest (and mind you, I don't), no one has ever asked me what it is like to be me. I have been asked "What were you thinking?", or "What is wrong with you"; both queries are often muttered by my wife, usually accompanied by "that look" and a subtle shake of he head. I have no doubt long-time readers of this collection of writings have occasionally wondered what the heck is going on in my brain.

Or not.

In self-defense, in the almost 74 years I have been writing this blog a few crazy thoughts are bound to find their way into electronic print.  Don't even try to tell me you don't have a occasional "moments".

I digress. From what, I am not sure. I have no intention of re-reading this claptrap to figure it out. That is your job as consumer. I throw the stuff onto the wall. You determine what sticks.

You think this entry is weird? You should see/hear/read the other thousand bits of stuff swirling around in my brain. I am only typing out the most coherent ideas. And I might note that all of the cranial chaos is playing out with Led Zeppelin's "Fool in the Rain" playing as a soundtrack in the background.

Welcome to my Saturday morning.


Ed Bonderenka said...

There are times when I get concerned about what goes on in my head sometimes.
The chaotic flipping between incongruous thoughts and images make me wonder if I did too much acid in my youth.
I'm beginning to suspect that any at all was too much.
Unless it had no effect at all and this is how the mind works.

Practical Parsimony said...

I come here often and most of the time, I cannot get your comment form to pop up. Or Whatever it does. I heard of a remedy for coughing about ten years ago. I laughed at it for several years until I was coughing all night lone and exhausted. I sat up in bed and spread Vicks Vaporub on the soles of my feet. With the first swipe I felt the tightness and urge to cough subsiding. Then, I put socks on my feet. I use this often. Try it; it works!

Joe said...

Thanks I will try it

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