March 13, 2018

Annual Boot to the Crotch Day

I woke up at 4:00 this morning. The wife must have been sleeping mouth agape: her CPAP sounded like a wind tunnel. I shouldn’t blame her though. I woke up because that is what I do. I read this morning that getting sleepy during the day may be an early sign of Alzheimer’s. It may also be a sign I’m only getting four or five hours of sleep at night and I need more. Take that science. What was I talking about?

I cooked up some smoked sausage in the grill pan and made a batch of homemade mac and cheese for supper last night. Since I was up early I thought a little of that leftover sausage would be good with a biscuit left from Sunday’s fried chicken dinner. Alas, it appears the boy ate the rest of the sausage sometime after I went to bed [insert sigh]. My loverly wife isn’t too fond of smoked sausage, so I only get it once or twice a year. I was kinda looking forward to the leftovers. Oh well, such circumstances are not major problems. Plus, I told him the leftovers were there. He also ate the rest of Sunday’s chicken. That boy has always liked his protein.

Here is my summary of the politics of the day. Republicans in the House say the evil Russkies probably tried to screw with the election but the Trumpster had nothing to do with it. The Democrats say that is because we didn’t find a way to force anyone to admit to it. I suspect both Hillary and the Trumpster looked for dirt on the other candidate no matter the source, whether that was the Commies or the Brits or anyone else. It is politics.

I suspect the Russians took delight in trying to screw with our election. Do you think we don’t do the same all over the world? Do you really think the good old white-hatted US of A would not do everything possible to help a candidate that ran against Putin? Some of you hand-wringing about mythical KGB agents working the polls are the very people saying the Government should help those poor souls protesting in Tehran a few months ago. The Obama actively campaigned in the last Israeli elections. Grow up.

I think there should be one day a year where every elected official receives a kick in the crotch from an NFL punter wearing steel-toed boots, just to remind them they are public servants. Maybe if occasional pain is involved some of the more asshole-types would forgo inflicting themselves on the  public. Ah hell, forget that idea, too many of the bastards would enjoy it.


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Eh. Bring back the stocks. Each elected official, by virtue of their office, must spend at least one day in them each year in the public square.

Don't forget your rotten vegetables.

Anonymous said...

We have a generation or generations that just can't stand the truth. Countries have been trying to influence political decisions forever. This Mueller so called investigation will go on as long as Mueller can stay on the payroll with no oversight. There should be a time limit on all so called investigations, if you can't find anything in six months, shut it down and go away. Who wouldn't want a job where you have unlimited funds, the ability to hire and fire anyone you want and no once can say a word or they will get investigated. This constant whining and crying from the liberals and the press is getting old fast, more than half the headlines on any given day are from "unnamed reliable source" or "highly placed source',, three days later it is all about nothing. Term limits is part of the fix, I don't think there is a fix for the press as long as they are making money.

James Old Guy

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