September 25, 2018

Tuesday Grab Bag

Early up. Again. It is the same story several times a week. You are probably as tired of reading about it as I am living it.  I have battled insomnia for most of my life.

Thunder rumbles in the distance as sheets of rain rattle against the windows. That is not what woke me. I won't be mowing the lawn this evening.

The Cubs magic number remains at five with their loss and a Brewers win last night. If the bats do not somehow come back to life the Northsiders post season run will be a short one.

Before it is all said and done we will likely learn it was Brett Kavenaugh who splattered Monica's good blue dress just after he left a woman to die in a flooded car.

Go forth and prosper on this wet and dreary Tuesday. Your weather may vary, but the sentiment is genuine.

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