May 21, 2019

And that is how it is done

The Governor signed a law allowing on-line Sports Books in Indiana.

I bet you will never catch me gambling.


Greybeard said...

I know nothing about 'em, and there is always room for corruption to sway an outcome.
But I DO buy a single lottery ticket twice a week. One is all I need to be entered, and the entertainment value of imagining the good things I could do with a bazillion dollars is worth a couple bucks a week.
I also ride motorcycles.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

The wife plays the Lotto once a week. One each Hoosier and PowerBall. I indulge her in this activity since as Greybeard says above, it has a certain entertainment value.

But I don't seen the need for on-line Sports Books. Or off-track betting, either, but we've had that for years. Or casinos or horse tracks...

Shoot, I remember when the only gambling I ever saw done in this state was when the guy came around to our department at the factory a couple of times a month and the guy I worked with bought his Irish Sweepstakes numbers and his punch tabs.

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