April 11, 2005

Charles Did Not Invite Me To the Wedding

Apparently, some EU Royalty got married over the weekend. Another Prince died and he will be replaced. I do not care.

I have a real hard time with the "Royalty" thing. A family is given riches, power, property and prestige all because of being born. Mere beneficiaries of accidental birth. Generations before their ancestors may have been the cream of the crop, but those genes have been water down by time and easy living.

I have visited England. I was asked if I visited the Palace. No I did not. You see, there might be a chance I would see the Queen or Prince, or whatever. I would cause an International scandal because I tell you now, I will NEVER bow down to another person. Not the Queen. Not any Prince. Nope, not even the Pope.

I firmly agree with Thomas Jefferson, "all men are created equal". I was told a story as a boy about Jim Thorpe. I have never been able to confirm its veracity. Reportedly when Thorpe was presented to the King of Sweden after his decathlon triumph he stood there and offered the King his hand. When asked later why he did not kneel to the king, Thorpe replied "Why, what has he done, where are his Gold Medals?" that my friends is my attitude.

I have customers from Japan. I will shake their hand but I will never bow to them. I know it is a sign of respect, but it just will never happen.

There are lots of people richer than me, smarter than me, and certainly more successful and powerful. In the end they eat, crap, and smell when they sweat just like me.

Military salutes, I was told by a WWII vet that a salute is merely a salutation of respect between military men. There are some officers that view it otherwise, but they are just the assholes.

So, fellow men (and women) I salute you as an equal. You never have to kneel or bow to me , even if I become King of the World.


Alli said...

The best thing about Charles and Camilla getting married: Hearing on Fox News that 'the British royals are so inbred they are ONE mutation away from insanity'. :-)

Historically a salute is a show of respect and subordination. (the lower ranked always holds his longer than the superior). Shaking hands is a sign of 'coming in peace' and showing that you are un armed. Probably too much information, but I'm a history major at Purdue. All I know is random tidbits.

Take care.

Joe said...

Thanks alli. I was a history major at Wabash many years ago. i plan to do a post on Liberal Arts and History majors in a few weeks. I plan to begin a series of posts about historical subjects that interest me beginning today or tommorrow.

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