April 10, 2005

White smoke or Black smoke what's it gonna be?

I am not catholic. You can then logically assume I am not a Cardinal in the Catholic Church. I have never played one on TV. That does not keep me from having opinions, and like shit, all opinions stink, except mine. Oh wait, do not read the post below.

I had a long conversation with my Italian Boss last week. He is holding out hope for an Italian Pope. He thinks the next one will be from S.America or Africa. There is a German candidate, but the Italians and Spanish will never stand for it, he claims. Yes, That EU thing is working great at eliminating nationalism and bring Old Europe together isn't it?

What he wants is the best candidate. Electing a black Pope because he is black is unacceptable. Electing the best candidate who happens to be black is OK. Even the Italians hate this PC shit. He hopes the Cardinals elect a old man who is conservative to lead the Church for a few years until a better candidate from the Third World can be groomed. The Church does not need another 20 year Pope at this time is his contention.

We will see if the White smoke gets us a black Pope.

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