June 22, 2005

Dick the Turban Durbin

I am aware I have already posted on this, as have others. I cannot get this asshat out of my mind.

I want to state for the record my firm belief that any American, in or out of politics that is not actively, publicly, and lustily condemning this man and his speech is supporting Durbin's statements.

Durbin compared our Government and its armed forces with some of the most murderous, inhuman regimes of all time. Lets face it, Pol Pot, Hitler and Stalin are in Satan's starting five. This comparison gives legitimacy to the insurgent and terrorist attacks upon our Nation. Through his statements, Durbin indicates he tacitly approves of the 9/11 terrorists, the Palestinian murderer bombers, and the terrorists in Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan.
I do not think anyone would deny that Hitler was evil and wrong. We and other countries fought a global conflict to end his Third Reich. If the USA is the equivalent of Hitler, the world should join against us.
We actively condemned Stalin and the Soviet Gulags. We fought a cold war to undermine the Stalin Regime. If the US is creating similar Gulags, then it is right and just for our opposition to try to undermine and destroy our government. The same logic holds true as it relates to the Khmer Rouge and Pol Pot.
Durbin is saying the US is no different that these hateful regimes and governments we sought to destroy. Therefore the Islamofascists who seek our destruction are similarly correct.
How long ,as Americans, are we going to let these politicians actively seek to destroy our Nation? This goes far beyond a disagreement with the current Administration. Far beyond politics and Democrats vs. Republicans, far beyond who wins the next election. This is about what you think and feel about our Country.
The First Amendment gives Dick the Turban Durbin the right to speak sedition and treason. It does not protect him from accountability for those words. Stand up America. Tell your Senator, your Representatives, your local newspaper, your favorite talk show, your neighbor, and your blog readers that we are fed up with America hating. We are fed up with the actions of Honoi Jane, Dick Durbin, Newsweek and the NY Times.
This is truly one of those issues that if you are not with us, you ARE against us. If the Democrats do not like that attitude, screw 'em.


Alli said...

You've been tagged. Sorry. :)

Good rant. I agree completely with the last line.

Alnot said...

Senator Dork Durbin is a living example of intellectual moron.

Anonymous said...

Oh jesus, calm down. He made a comparison and everyone, right or left, realized it was false. He apologized, which is more than I can say for this administration. Move on.

hoosierboy said...
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