June 8, 2005

Happy Birthday, Babe

Today is my wife's birthday. What do you get someone who has given you everything? She has provided love, children, a purpose in life. Without her I would be drunk, lonely and pissed off at the world. She calms my temper like oil on boiling water.

She was my high school sweetheart. The first time I kissed her, my knees actually got weak. She will not believe it, but to my eyes she is still that beautiful young woman of 23 I married.

She will spend her day, most likely, doing Mom stuff: ferrying the little one to baseball camp, giving up her car so the oldest boy can go skateboarding, doing laundry.

I will try to cook her a nice meal, maybe we will eat on the deck, if the weather is not too hot. I bought her a really nice watch. Her favorite one gave up the ghost a few months ago. Not much for the woman of my dreams is it?

You would think after more than a 27 years of being part of my life, including almost 21 years of marriage, I would know what she wants. You see, it is funny, I know her like my own face, but I do not know her at all. I guess we are all that way. That is what keeps the spark alive, makes us interesting.

Heck, she does not know I have this blog. People are sure funny aren't they?

Happy Birthday My Love.

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Alli said...

Aww. Happy Birthday, HoosierWife.

Thanks for your comments, HB. :)

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