July 26, 2005

Hillary is coming

She is coming. Hillary is going to run for President. She is moving to the "center" on a number of positions. She is coming out against illegal immigration. This WILL get her a great number of votes. Politicians have been afraid to this point, because they think they will lose the Hispanic vote, but as I have predicted in the past, immigration will be the key issue in 2012 and possibly 2008. Much depends on the war on Terror.

Clinton is coming out with centrist positions on Terrorism as well. Suddenly she thinks we need to build the Armed Forces:

A member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, [Clinton} echoed calls from the DLC to increase the size of the military, while calling for smarter decisions on deploying forces.

I guess during her co-Presidency they set the standard by reducing our Armed Forces to a shell of the Cold war forces. The Clintons used the Armed Forces as delivery boys, waiters, and Red Cross workers. They made the Army the most politically correct branch of the service. She has a great record as a supporter of our Military. Remember, her co_president stated publicly that he "loathed the Military". Enough said.

Hillary is missing a great marketing opportunity. With all the buzz being about Harry Potter and the world of wizards and Witches, Clinton could really cash in if she would just admit what many of us already know:

She is the Queen of Witches.


Og said...

In light of your previous post, I think you should campaign for Hillary, the Cankled basilisk from Sheol.

hoosierboy said...

Man, if that would screw her up, riun her chances, land her in jail where she belongs, I would do it.

The Dims were amazed at the Republican turnout last election, wait until they see how many people come out in the next election just to vote AGAINST the cankled basilisk!

og said...

I pray every night she'll be abducted by aliens, forced to undergo repeated anal probes, and pushed out the door of the spaceship at 90,000 feet to land in Mike Moore's shredded wheat.

But, that's just me, right?

Alli said...

*snort at og* Well I'm not quite that mean but I definately pray that people wake up with their brains attached when they go vote in 08, because if they're not thats the only way she's going to win.

Please God never let me have to utter the words "president" and "clinton" in the same sentence again unless its precided by "former". -Amen.

og said...

or followed by "suddenly died"

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