July 18, 2005

Weekend grab bag

It was really weird not to have baseball games this weekend. It was a little sad, we have been playing baseball since April. We still went out Saturday and tossed the ball around for a while. I am not sure if we will be playing in a Fall league this year. Football will start soon.

Had a nice relaxing dinner at home last night. Barbecue pork chops, corn, deviled eggs, and grilled cheese potatoes. I make these by slicing potatoes, dicing some vidalia onion, and cubing a bunch of colby cheese. Add a little salt, black and red pepper then I wrap all of this in aluminum foil and grill for about 1 hour. These are perfect with pork chops or chicken.

Saw Wedding Crashers, funny, funny. I am reading Harry Potter when I can prise it from the little one's hands. I am a little more than 1/2 done. I will let you know my review later.

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