January 20, 2006

What kind of scum would protest at a funeral?

Sometimes it is difficult to take a political stand where your basic ideology is less Government and a firm dependence on the Constitution.

I am really conflicted on this issue. I am always skeptical about those who proclaim "there ought to be a law", and arguments for bigger, more intrusive Government. The case in question involves a group who protests at military funerals. Indiana wants to pass a law designating protesters to an area at least 500 feet from a funeral.

The basic question is does freedom of speech trump good sense and decorum? Of course, we cannot legislate morality. Our founding Fathers were adamant in the God-given right of free speech and protest. I am equally convinced they could never foresee a time when the citizens of this country would have so little respect for their fellow man that they could protest at a funeral of a loved one. In this case, the funeral was for a young soldier killed in combat for his nation. No matter your thoughts on the war, the loss of a son or daughter is a pain no parent should have to suffer. The intrusion of outsiders calling your child a killer and murderer are beyond the pale of decency. These people claim to be religious, believers in God. How sad and misguided that supposed followers of Christ can have so little compassion. They are protesting the war because they disagree with the Government's stand on homosexuality. Is there logic there that I miss?

The whole situation is as ridiculous as the anti-abortioners who kill doctors in order to save babies. Murder is murder. They are nutjobs at best, no matter your position on abortion.

I am torn. Every instinct cries in protest of any law curtailing free speech. I chafe at the notion of the Government passing any laws that further intrude into our lives. Yet I cannot believe that a group of humans can be so lacking in compassion and feeling for their fellow man.

I am sad and disappointed that such a law will likely pass. I am even sadder that we need such a law in the first place.

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