April 4, 2006

Start the day the healthy way

Those of you who know me (and that would be Otter and, well Otter) are aware I rarely eat breakfast. I also rarely eat cakes, pies, cookies, or candy. I eat more now than I used to, but my physique has mostly been shaped by beer and my Mom's insistence that I eat everything on my plate. That is a habit that is hard to break. I guess I can also blame my fatness on a lack of exercise.

In any case, I was hungry this morning. I ate two pieces of fried spam (cold) leftover from lunch yesterday. Three mini-soft iced molasses cookies from Archway, two large glasses of orange juice, and a cup of strong, black coffee. The breakfast of champions it was not. I have a strong hankering for bacon at this very minute. Hankering -- today's secret word -- try and use that word at least once today. Report back with examples of successful usages.

What did you have for breakfast?

BTW, The Cubbies won big against the Reds yesterday. I predict the typical choke job will start in mid-May this year when Prior gets hurt (Shocking) and Woods returns and gets hurt after two starts (double shocking).

Does anyone want the Wednesday Quiz to return?

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