April 4, 2006

An Exclusive Club

It is with reluctance that I publish this post. I do not think I will like the comments I will generate. I have never been big on pity. I am even more reluctant to write about personal issues.

It seems I have joined an exclusive club. Several Bloggers are members. There must be something in the air.

There is this guy. This fine blogger and I joined last week. This guy is also a member of the club. This blogger is also part of the group.

I am a victim of economics, the falling dollar against the Euro, the increased presence of cheap Chinese products. The company is hemorrhaging money, and I have to go. The Hoosierboy is a victim of economics. I am not the first, nor the last. We will survive, humor intact. I am not looking for pity, for condemnation, or sorrow. There will never be a serious request for handouts on this site. I will try not to wail about life being unfair, we all know it is.

If you are in the Central Indiana area and have need of a skilled employee I am your man. Send me an Email and I will send you a resume. I am expensive, but very good at what I do. I can do sales, customer service, production scheduling, management, supervision, and more. I have an excellent work record and know fabrication of metals and plastics. I have designed production control systems. I have supervised both hourly and salary personnel. I have worked in union and non-union shops. I have doubled the sales with three different companies. Once is maybe luck or a fluke, twice maybe, thrice, never. Bearings are my trade, but selling is selling.

We will survive, I can drive a forklift, lift boxes, and run machinery. I can handle shift work if necessary. Some opportunities are in the works already. I will keep you posted. Life goes on.

If there is a bright side, I now have more time to post!

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