January 8, 2008

Happy Birthday

Today is the King's birthday. TCM is showing a marathon of his movies. The TV is on in the background -- a rare event during the day. Right now the King is at the World's Fair and putting the moves on the hot chick. Oh that Elvis. Oh, Oh the chick found out he is a rascal and told him to jump off the Space Needle.

In other news, I see the Hildebeast has resorted to the oldest trick in the book. Now she is shedding crocodile tears, because 'she just cares so muuuch". Makes me want to puke. Like her husband she must be able to turn the tears on and off. Or maybe she was just realizing she was going to lose and that made her cry. What is so sad and pathetic is people will vote for her because she cried.

I would climb from a hospital bed, braving a 104 temperature, splitting sutures and the possible loss of at least one limb to vote against her. Indiana's primary is not until May, and it will be decided by then, but I have considered registering Democrat for the first time ever, just to vote against her. She is bad for the country, bad for me and bad for you.

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