January 6, 2008

A movie review

The wife and I went to see this chick flick on Friday night. Some guy dies and sends a series of letters to his widow. He had written them before he died. The theater was filled with crying chicks all wishing their boyfriends/husbands would die and be that romantic. Halfway through the movie the lights came on, the movie stopped and reality set in. The chicks were not with the hot Irish guy, they were with the likes of me. There I sat just like every other man in the place wishing I could punch the author in the nose for setting such unreal expectations.

Anyway, it appeared the film broke, or the machine that plays the disc quit, whatever. The theater guy announced it would be about 5-10 minutes to get the flick (and the tears) running again. The wife determined she needed another gallon or two of butter on her bag of popcorn. She stood up, stumbled and sat down. Being the perceptive guy I am, I mentioned that I thought she was going to get butter. I suggested she could get me a refill on my Coke while she was out in the lobby. She looked at me. Her face was white and she said she had done something to her knee. A few tears leaked from her eyes, and I knew I was going to have to get my own refill. No, seriously I could tell she was in pain. She sat there flexing for a bit and decided she was OK.

I went and got the refill and her butter and the movie was back underway when I returned. After the movie I had to help her down the stairs. I drove up to the door to pick her up. When we got home I made her an ice pack. She could barely walk.

On Sunday she got up completely pain free and could walk fine. Strange Huh?

No, there is no point to this story. We watched a chick flick, my wife twisted her knee and is now OK.

Oh yeah, I was going to write a review. Men, if you want to see a chick flick and watch your wife/girlfriend/date cry then go see PS I Love You. Then come home and try to take advantage of the situation. You just might get lucky (unless your wife trips over a popcorn kernel and hurts her knee). The next day you must watch several hours of Clint Eastwood, John Wayne, and football to restore your manliness levels. Ladies you will love this movie -- go with your girlfriends.

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