May 29, 2008

How about a little bread and cheese...

I am looking for the Zapruder film of the company outing two weeks ago. There just had to be another person involved. Did another driver hit me from the grassy knoll area of the track? Two weeks of pain. Two weeks of wincing with every sneeze and twist of my torso.

Actually, the pulled muscle in my back felt much better over the weekend. I think I overdid things a bit and I am paying for it now. I also believe the soft pillow top mattress on my bed is a contributing factor. Until Sunday I was sleeping on the couch. The worsening of my injury coincides with moving to the bed. Of course I am a slow learner and stubborn mule, so I have tried the bed every night since. I moved to the couch in the middle of the night and we will see how things are later in the day.

That is my boo f-ing hoo poor me post for today. As if any of you really care...

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