May 28, 2008

More reasons to vote for Obama

So, if a Conservative or Republican (let us say Dan Quayle or GW for instance)had claimed his Uncle fought in WWII and helped liberate Auschwitz do you think the press would laugh it off as a 'mistake'? FYI, Auschwitz is in Poland and was liberated by the Soviets. Obama has made this claim twice (once it was an Uncle, once his Grandfather). We all know if a Repub made this claim he would be portrayed in the media as either an outright liar, or an ignorant fuck. This is no different than Hillery's claim of landing under sniper fire in the Balkans. These worthless pieces of shit will say anything, make up any lie, pander to the ignorant just to get elected. What makes a person that power-hungry? Why would you vote for him?

Seriously, someone please list five reasons I should vote for Obama. What do you people see in him?

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